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Hi, my name is Lucia, I’m an official licensed guide,I have been licensed by the Italian Government to provide personal guided tours of Pompeii and all the museums, archeological sites, and churches of the region Campania, one of the most fascinating county of southern Italy, full of history, archaeology, natural beauties and for sure one of the most famous parts of  our country. I’ve been doing this job for most of my lifetime and what it appeals me is for sure the passion for arts, history and above all archaeology.

I have also found in this profession the opportunity to know people from all over the world to try to share the great love for this  area and generally for the whole Italian country. When I meet the single or the family or also the group of visitors for a tour, my care is to try to grasp immediately which is the main point of the visit and if there is a special request I can try to satisfy. Depending on the tour one is booking, there could be many reasons why you decide to have a private guide. Some visitors could be just interested in general appraisal of one area while some others could prefer more detailed information. My effort is to try to please everyone’s demand , trying to make of a tour an unforgettable experience. I lead tours in archeological sites like the most famous Pompeii and Herculaneum excavations; depending on personal interest, my tour of Pompeii could be the classical 2hrs one or 3hrs or more also. I could also follow your plan of the tour if you wish to visit some special houses like the locked ones, or I could also book those locked houses for you via internet, like the House of the Menander, the suburban Baths etc. The major locked house is the house of the Menander, for sure one of the largest and richest dwellings in the site, the Suburban Baths situated just outside the city walls, with the famous erotic paintings, the House of the gilded cupids, and soon the house of the Chaste lovers, where one can also see live archaeologists  while working.  Concerning the visit of Herculaneum apart from the tour, in the site, since July 2009, it is possible to visit, during the weekend, the pavilion of the carbonized boat, so called after the greatly preserved remains of a fishing boat which was found on the ancient beach level turned upside down, together with the bodies of 300 people who had taken refuge in the boat shelters of the port, and many other interesting artifacts. Beside these two most famous sites, I also do tours of the National archaeological Museum in Naples where some of the best mosaics from Pompeii, frescoes and statues from the Vesuvian area are preserved. Together with this” must sees” the Neapolitan area is still particularly rich with history and not only. For the ones who prefer less busy sites but still very interesting there’s the Boscoreale Museum,  Oplontis, and the Villas of Stabiae. Still the surroundings of  Naples are full of other attractions like the northern part of the gulf with the Greek remains of Cuma and the Sybil’s cave, the amphitheatre of Pozzuoli and the imperial baths of Baia, and many other minor sites which could be part of a half day or full day tour.
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